Best Practice

For Project Collaboration

  • When providing a brief on your project, be specific.
  • Give as much notice as you can to everyone involved in the production of your ePub before the project begins.
  • Define roles.
  • Discuss expectations and be open to communication.
  • Respect feedback deadlines.
  • If working in a team, provide adequate comments at each stage. Avoid correcting elements that have been approved.
  • Integrate new changes that emerge in a new correction round, to keep version management smooth.

For Content Development

  • The shorter, the better. Short titles, sentences and paragraphs give the design team scope to present your ePub in an engaging way. Your ePub will be available across all devices, so you need to remember that there will be limited space available when displaying your ePub on a mobile phone.
  • Avoid jargon, technical terms and acronyms. Your audience is varied. Everyone should be able to clearly understand your ePub, no matter his or her background.
  • If the content is going to be displayed on an existing template, use it often as a reference for word count.
  • Ask yourself: Can you benefit from interactivity? Is your text better organised in bullet points?
  • Think about visual clarity. Deliver bite-sized chunks of information. Use visual and interactive representations whenever possible. When in doubt, ask a colleague from a different team to review your plan. The audience should not need previous knowledge or training to understand the content.
  • Graphs: should always be self-explanatory. Also consider how these will be created:
  1. If someone is creating graphs from scratch or significantly adapting them, please provide them with the source material. Additionally, keep in mind that a large number of graphs translates into a design process that is more time-consuming and, consequently, more expensive, even when populating the same template with different content.
  2. If you will be using another software or tool to create these graphs, like Infogram or Flourish, please confirm in advance how these can be embedded in the platform that you will use to create your ePub and whether these will require additional budget. When in doubt, consult with the comms team at ITC on this topic as they are more familiar with ePubs.
  • Edit, clear and confirm copy and images before commencing design work. Consider the content “locked” before building the digital ePub. A late-stage change of content affects what has been designed, resulting in lost work and delays.
  • Always try to provide content that is approved to avoid delays down the line. For example, if data is changed later in the process, you might not be able to meet the proposed deadline and the costs of the project could increase.

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