Visual Style Guide: Guidelines and Logo

Key elements which ensure that all ePub digital experiences are visually consistent. It is especially important to adhere to word count recommendations.


ITC logo full colour

ITC logo full colour French

ITC logo full colour Spanish

ITC logo full colour abbreviated

Logo Rules - Black and White

The ITC logo can be reproduced in either solid black or white should there be issues around colour use or reproduction. A solid white version of the logo can appear on photography but should only be applied to sections of images that allow the logo stand out. Background colours should be minimal and should not detract from the logo.

ITC logo mono and mono reverse.

ITC logo on colour backgrounds.

Logo Rules in Partnership

In instances where space is limited, partnering and co-branding logos can sit to the right of, or directly beneath, the ITC logo. The maximum separation distance possible between the ITC logo and partnering logos should still be retained.

Logo size should not exceed vertical measurement of the ITC logo.

When sitting beneath the ITC logo, partnering and co-branding logos should align to the left of ITC logo and, where possible, should not appear greater in width than the ITC logo.

The recommended clear space distance for the ITC logo must still be retained at all times.

Horizontal and vertical size relationship with partner's logos.

The International Trade Centre is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.


Visual Style Guide: Colours