Combined global certified area

minimum of 2.8 million hectares, global share of 22.7%; assuming no double certification: maximum of 5.1 million hectares, global share of 41.6%

Minimum certified area growth

2015-2019, +53.2%;

2018-2019, -12.7%

Largest certified area

UTZ, 2.5 million hectares,

global share of 20.8%

Highest growth

2015-19, Fairtrade, +140.8%; 2018-2019,

Fairtrade, +16.5%, 1.4 million hectares total

Europe leads

The pandemic led to an overall drop in consumption1, but post-pandemic predictions for the sustainable cocoa market are positive2.

Europe is the most important market, with growing consumer demand and more large chocolate manufacturing companies sourcing sustainably grown options3

The Rainforest Alliance’s largest markets are Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium, while Fairtrade’s largest market is the UK. Key markets for organic are France and Germany4

But supply outstrips demand

Crucial next steps to boost consumption include:

Promoting consumption beyond Europe to balance the market

Targeting new consumers in traditional markets, emerging economies and producing countries




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