Combined global certified area

minimum of 1.8 million hectares, global share of 1.5%; assuming no double certification: maximum of 2.9 million hectares, global share of 2.4%

Minimum certified area growth

2015-2019, -27.9%;

2018-2019, -6%

Largest certified area

RTRS, 1.1 million hectares,

global share of 0.9%

Highest growth

2015-2019, RTRS, +51.4%; 2018-2019, organic, 11.3%,

717,050 hectares total

Targeting the Chinese market

Global demand for vegetarian and vegan food has driven consumption of certified soybeans and the European market is leading demand. The Netherlands accounts for about 66% of total RTRS purchases, followed by Scandinavia and the UK 1, 2. However, European consumption can’t ensure sustainability in the sector.

Crucial next steps to boost sustainable consumption include

Boosting sustainable consumption in China – the largest consumer of soybeans in the world

– where less than 10% of goods are sustainable

Using eco-labelling to increase buyer, retailer and consumer awareness 3




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